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Investigating sustainability and innovative pattern cutting, inspired me to re-invent the Levi's 501 jean, into a single pattern piece design. (excluding smaller details such as Levi's classic patch pockets). After researching current and possible future trends, I explored further into major events set for 2020, that could potentially be very influential on design. And so I incorporated the 2020 Tokyo games and NASA'S 2020 Mars mission into a design concept called "Astronauts at the Olympics". I used this idea for my main inspiration to develop prints, silhouette shapes and details. My tribe is for women who live in their denim Jeans! But also love a twist on the classics. They're environmentally aware and open to change. When developing my ideas I used collages to help build on my trend research, looking into patchwork, recycling and deconstruction. I also incorporated the Japanese flag into a print, using red spots to add a twist to the classic Levi red and white t-shirt. Which I then developed further into several other prints for shirts and dresses. Read more...

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Hand painted custom denim jacket with Michelangelo Creation of Adam ••• ! PLEASE READ ! Jacket NOT included in price. The price for the PAINTING. This jacket already has the owner, it's an example of my work. All the jackets that I painted I’ll taking the photos for my Instagram, Etsy and other social nets. ••• You can make your wardrobe as a Museum. This Michelangelo “Creation of Adam” denim jacket is an example how I can paint your's. I try to make unique jackets so I dont like to repeat the same picture two times, but we can choose any other paintings of famous artists, characters or other idea. You will send me any of your old or new jacket (or you can order jacket from online shop and put my address for delivery). Then we will discuss and make something very unique specially for you. The price depens on how big and how difficult idea we will choose. I use textile paints and acrylic, so don't worry, you can Hand wash your jacket. You also can send me a pair of your favorite jeans, or other clothes and we will discuss and make your own design, piece of Art. ••• *FOLLOW ME:

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