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Large & detailed images by clicking on "ZOOM" button. FREE SHIPPING from the 2nd item!!! You’ll find there’s just one item’s shipping cost in your shopping cart. Model (in size L) Height:174 cm Weight:50 kg BWH:88 cm/65 cm/89 cm Pure natural linen and cotton materials, comfortable, breathable, refreshing and soft fabric, will compliment all body types, slim and full figured women alike. Long-sleeved Version: Lithesome Sleeveless Version: ■ Material: Linen, cotton. ■ Feature: Pleated. Side Pockets. ■ Season: Spring, summer, fall, winter. ■ Item Weight: 0.66 Kg (size 3XL), 0.76 Kg (size 5XL). ■ Measurements: NOTICE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Size standard varies in different districts, it is just a reference and not supposed as a selection rule. Please carefully compare the dress bust below with your exact bust (with bra on) measurement. Dress bust 5-10 cm more than your body's measurements will be perfect. Dress Size XS Bust: 83 cm, 32.7” Length: 124 cm, 48.8” Shoulder: 38 cm, 15” Sleeve Length: 57 cm, 22.4” Cuff: 25 cm, 9.8” Dress Size S Bust: 88 cm, 34.6” Length: 124 cm,48.8” Shoulder: 38 cm, 15” Sleeve Length: 57 cm, 22.4” Cuff: 25 cm, 9.8” Dress Size M Bust: 93 cm, 36.6” Length: 124 cm,48.8” Shoulder: 40 cm, 15.7” Sleeve Length: 58 cm, 22.8” Cuff: 26 cm, 10.2” Dress Size L Bust: 100 cm, 39.4” Length: 124 cm,48.8 Shoulder: 40 cm, 15.7” Sleeve Length: 58 cm, 22.8” Cuff: 26 cm, 10.2” Dress Size XL Bust: 110 cm, 43.3” Length: 124 cm, 48.8” Shoulder: 42 cm, 16.5” Sleeve Length: 59 cm, 23.2” Cuff: 28 cm, 11” Dress Size XXL Bust: 120 cm, 47.2” Length: 124 cm,48.8” Shoulder: 44 cm, 17.3” Sleeve Length: 60 cm, 23.6” Cuff: 29 cm, 11.4” Dress Size 3XL Bust: 130 cm, 51.2” Length: 124 cm, 48.8” Shoulder: 46 cm, 18.1” Sleeve Length: 61 cm, 24” Cuff: 30 cm, 11.8” Dress Size 4XL Bust: 140 cm, 55” Length: 124 cm, 48.8” Shoulder: 48 cm, 18.9” Sleeve Length: 61 cm, 24” Cuff: 31 cm, 12.2” Dress Size 5XL Bust: 150 cm, 59” Length: 124 cm, 48.8” Shoulder: 50 cm, 19.7” Sleeve Length: 61 cm, 24” Cuff: 32 cm, 12.6” Dress Size 6XL Bust: 160 cm, 63” Length: 124 cm,48.8” Shoulder: 52 cm, 20.5” Sleeve Length: 61 cm, 24” Cuff: 33 cm, 13” Customizable ■ Size Measurements Guide for Conversion: Ⅰ.USA&CANADA-(8) UK-(10) AUSTRALIA-(12) EUROPE-(38) INTL-(M) Ⅱ.USA&CANADA-(10) UK-(12) AUSTRALIA-(14) EUROPE-(40) INTL-(M) Ⅲ.USA&CANADA-(12) UK-(14) AUSTRALIA-(16) EUROPE-(42) INTL-(L) Ⅳ.USA&CANADA-(14) UK-(16) AUSTRALIA-(18) EUROPE-(44) INTL-(L) Ⅴ.USA&CANADA-(16) UK-(18) AUSTRALIA-(20) EUROPE-(46) INTL-(XL) Ⅵ.USA&CANADA-(18) UK-(20) AUSTRALIA-(22) EUROPE-(48) INTL-(XL) Ⅶ.USA&CANADA-(20) UK-(22) AUSTRALIA-(24) EUROPE-(50) INTL-(XXL) Ⅷ.USA&CANADA-(22) UK-(24) AUSTRALIA-(26) EUROPE-(52) INTL-(3XL) Ⅸ.USA&CANADA-(24) UK-(26) AUSTRALIA-(28) EUROPE-(54) INTL-(3XL) Ⅹ.USA&CANADA-(26) UK-(28) AUSTRALIA-(30) EUROPE-(56) INTL-(4XL) Ⅺ.USA&CANADA-(28) UK-(30) AUSTRALIA-(32) EUROPE-(58) INTL-(5XL) ■ Delivery Info Needed : Ⅰ.For the sake of secure delivery, phone number is very important. International postage is high, we never take responsibility for failed delivery caused by contact failing, can only refund you the items' amount(not include original postage). Two different phone numbers are recommended. Ⅱ.Physical address is needed (mail box is not recommended). Please leave the above 2 information in your notes. ■ Customer Service: Dear customer, thank you so much for your appreciation of our fashion products. If you can not sure whether the item matches you, please feel free and leave message at any time: Your Bust, Height and Weight (for tops) Your waist and hips (for bottoms) We'll reply you soon. Thank you! ■ Shipping Policies: All items are shipped through Standard International Airmail. It is safe and fast. Usually takes 5-15 days (due to main destination city or remote places) to most main countries and about 20 days to other very few countries. It might be occasionally delayed by customs procedure or bad weather. But usually it's safe and prompt. If you need fast shipping, we can ship via DHL, Fedex, UPS etc., and you can receive it in about 2 to 5 days normally.. Just send us a conversation before ordering, because additional postage is needed. (1)

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